Career Connections

Business student sitting at table listening to advice from an alumnus.

Building a network is a powerful tool in your career exploration and planning. 

In addition to meeting contacts at UB career events, class speakers and others within your personal network there are other places to identify contacts. The School of Management has more than 46,000 alumni in 86 countries across the globe. And alumni love to give back by helping you in your career exploration and planning. It is important to cultivate your network throughout your education and your professional career because mentorship is a powerful tool in your career exploration, planning and success. 

Searching for a Contact


The University at Buffalo has developed a networking platform that allows students to connect with UB alumni interested in supporting you in all aspects of your career development.

Meet and network with professionals in Connect-A-Bull. Find people to talk to and filter by industry, location, hobbies, topics, job types, degrees and more.


Learn how to search for alumni in a specific geographic area using LinkedIn. Keep in mind that these contacts are not mentors. They are only alumni. But if you take a thoughtful approach and keep your request to information, you could start to build a relationship with the contact.