Recruit Employees

We listen to your needs as an employer.

Our Employer Relations team works in a consultative way and listens to the needs of our employer partners. We have countless engagement opportunities to not only recruit, but build your brand and collaborate to educate our School of Management talent. At its core, the school has a strong reputation for building programs based on the needs and feedback of employers, including the UB MBA LeaderCORE Program and the school’s Undergraduate Honors Program that ready the next generation for success.

LeaderCORE, a leadership development program for full-time MBA students, focuses on developing skills employers have identified as critical for future leaders.

Recruitment Options

On-Campus and Virtual Interviews

Interview candidates for full- or part-time opportunities, leadership conferences or paid internships using our CRC interview rooms located in the School of Management. Virtual and hybrid interviews are also available.

How it works

  • You request a new on-campus interview schedule and post your job description several weeks prior to the requested interview date
  • Résumés are collected through BizLink and a reminder email is sent to you, advising when you can log in and begin selecting students to interview
  • Students that have been selected for an interview sign-up through BizLink for a time slot on your interview schedule
  • On-campus interviews are held in the CRC and any follow-up interviews are arranged by your organization

The CRC can also work directly with your recruiting team and hiring managers to ensure seamless recruiting and interviewing. The recruitment season runs from September to November and from February to April. To schedule on-campus interviews, you can request an on-campus schedule through BizLink or contact the recruitment coordinator at 716-645-3232.

Interview Through Your Company

Interview candidates for full- or part-time opportunities or paid internships at your own facility or virtually. Log in to BizLink and request a new on-campus interview schedule. Select résumé collect as your OCR model. You can post your full-time, part-time or internship opportunity and attach it to this schedule. Résumés are collected through our online system and a reminder email is sent to you once the résumé due date is over. You then review and select the candidates you want to interview and schedule your own interviews with candidates.

Access More Experienced Candidates

If you are seeking candidates with more experience than new graduates, you can post an opportunity using BizLink. You can select different options on how candidates can apply to your opportunity, including collecting résumés online or sending candidates directly to your company website.