Practice Interview Program

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The practice interview program assists School of Management students in developing vital career skills.

This program, which has won a state award for excellence, is required for undergraduate students as part of the school's core career curriculum.  

To make your practice interview as realistic as possible, the Career Resource Center (CRC) uses proven corporate human resources training methods to develop our staff of volunteer student interviewers. Students must submit a résumé and job posting prior to the interview. Practice interviewers ask both behavior-based and traditional interview questions based on the résumé and job posting submitted by the student. The practice interviews are conducted in the CRC interview rooms in 308 Alfiero in the fall and spring semesters.

The CRC has partnered with GEICO to bring you this award-winning program, which culminates in the GEICO Interview Challenge.

Note: Students enrolled in MGG 315 (formerly MGG 398) will complete a practice interview as part of their course. 


  • Practice Interview Registration
    Submit your résumé and job posting as a Microsoft Word document.
  • Practice Interview - Interviewer
    Authorized interviewers can check interview schedules here. View student résumés and job postings.