Functional Areas

Public Accounting

  • Compilation and review services
  • Tax preparation and planning


  • Audit planning and analytical procedures, including work paper preparation
  • Study clients' internal control structure
  • Audit sales and collection cycle: accounts receivable
  • Audit sampling - tests of transactions
  • Audit payroll, cash balances, inventory and purchasing
  • Review for contingent liabilities, subsequent events and completing the audit

General Accounting

  • Prepare financial statements and management reports and analysis
  • Analyze financial statements; research stocks and portfolio options and industry-specific information used in investments
  • Contribute to the preparation of tax returns and electronic filing; review and submit completed tax returns; perform technical research and distribute tax forms and publications
  • Prepare operating budgets, capital budgets and related forecasts and conduct payroll analysis
  • Assist in cost control and performance measurement of decentralized operations and product-costing activities
  • Collaborate with financial analysts to develop user-friendly model to evaluate financial health of the organization's various clients
  • Read and understand financial data from external auditors' reports and federal form 990 filings and enter selected data into software