Functional Areas

Potential areas of responsibility and breakdown of tasks include the following:

Marketing Research

  • Establish market research library, standardize market research format
  • Prepare database for advertising responses, generation of response letters and follow-up lists for sales force
  • Acquire and examine qualitative and quantitative data to improve decision making
  • Consolidate data into active computer program to track and report projects
  • Analyze basic lines of product flow in the distributor market
  • Determine profitable market niches
  • Research and analyze competitors
  • Analyze import/export market
  • Define product properties vs. potential sales volume, price elasticity, market trends
  • Develop comparative statistics with other geographic locations
  • Prepare and participate in focus groups, in-depth interviewing and questionnaire design
  • Develop customer profiles for different market segments
  • Formulate marketing planning and strategy
  • Development of a marketing plan, both short and long term
  • Develop plan for introducing new product: packaging, labels, press releases, product literature, product proxies
  • Provide support to upper management in the formulation of corporate strategy and the integration of marketing with other corporate functions


  • Develop advertising campaign
  • Attend internal meetings with account executives, creative, media and production departments
  • Actively participate in client meetings, television shoots and radio recordings
  • Write materials for print media
  • Develop press releases including television and radio spots
  • Deliver and discuss layout, mechanics and copy with clients
  • Perform general promotion and public relations duties
  • Develop and implement major trade show
  • Coordinate promotional events, merchandising displays, sales aids, customer and distributor premium programs
  • Review and improve current sales literature, design new literature that is appropriate for current marketing strategies
  • Establish a public relations network
  • Plan for the promotion of a fund raising event
  • Develop a strategy for community outreach


  • Organize a sales presentation, demonstrate products
  • Assist in the development of a retail distribution network
  • Generate leads through cold calling
  • Perform monitoring and auditing functions
  • Analyze customer feedback, draw market conclusions and present them to management for implementation
  • Calculate item movement to determine reorder points; develop plan-o-grams
  • Evaluate sales information to determine department penetration
  • Assist in refinement of a telemarketing system
  • Perform field tests for new products
  • Analyze response rate to print advertisements