High-tech health care

Scott Falbo, PMBA '07.

Even as Scott Falbo, PMBA ’07, was earning his undergraduate degree in computer science at UB, he was drawn to the world of business and pursued a concentration in economics.

When he graduated and began working as a software developer for an international government contracting company, he took advantage of the company’s support for professional development and enrolled in a non-matriculated course to try out the School of Management’s Professional MBA program. He enjoyed the course so much that he decided to enroll in the program.

After graduation he landed a job in software development at BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, a leading health insurance organization with innovative products and technologies that improve the availability, quality and cost of health care.

“Web and mobile appealed to me because you can reach so many people and the market opportunity keeps growing,” says Falbo. “In health care, recent changes in the marketplace have led to a new way of approaching the industry, and I like the challenges this offers. Finding new ways to solve problems is something I’m passionate about.”

That drive, and his Professional MBA experience, quickly led to a promotion in management. Today, Falbo serves as manager of Web and mobile application development for the health care provider.

“The skills I learned in the PMBA program were key to my management transition,” says Falbo. “The classroom teaching and business case analysis were great tools to understand fundamental business concepts applicable to multiple industries.”

He says the PMBA program helped build the interpersonal skills needed to become an influential leader.

“Coming from a science background I often thought the scientific or engineering challenges you encounter are the most difficult to overcome,” he says. “However, the School of Management helped reinforce the importance of emotional intelligence and communication. Clear communication is critical to success or failure as a team.”

For Falbo, a life long resident of Western New York, giving back to the community is especially important. One way he’s been doing that is by serving as a mentor for the School of Management’s Henry A. Panasci Jr. Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, which brings together UB students from science, technology, business and other disciplines to maximize their potential and create viable businesses in Western New York.

“I’ve learned from and enjoyed working with the entrepreneurs I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in this program,” says Falbo. “Their success is a critical factor in the economic success in our region, and I’m happy to have been a small part of the program.”

When he’s not working or volunteering, Falbo enjoys spending time with his family and taking part in activities and festivals around Western New York.

“I look forward to the continued revitalization of the area,” he says. “I’m excited for the role UB and the School of Management will play in shaping the economy of the future.”

Written by Kevin Manne