Meet a Global Ambassador

Global Ambassadors are School of Management students who have recently participated in our global programs. Want to learn more? Send an email to the ambassadors below and ask them about their experiences.

Shameera D/O Abdul Aziz, BS ’23

Program: International Business in Singapore (Virtual, Fall 2021)

“Global programs helped me to develop as an individual and comprehend diverse cultures. Communicating across time zones, I collaborated on a project with a global team and networked with students from UB and the Singapore Institute of Management to strengthen our bonds. After graduation, the skills and knowledge I learned from this program will be with me throughout my career journey.”

Adam Kerr, MBA ’23

Program: Business in Central Europe (Virtual, Spring 2022)

“My global experience in Hungary and Germany was unforgettable. The program was engaging and immersive and a great chance to work in a team with students from different School of Management programs. I strongly recommend participating in global programs—and I’m looking forward to participating in additional programs in my second year.”

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Meet our Team

Archana Mohan, MS ’23

Programs: Experience the 50: Tech Trek to Ontario and Miami (Virtual, Spring 2022) and Experience the 50: Fintech in Seattle and Phoenix (Virtual, Spring 2022)

“The Experience the 50 programs were an opportunity for me to gain a glimpse of what may lie ahead, visit places and meet people—all from the comfort of my room. It is different than any other course offered by the School of Management. As an international student, I appreciated the avenues this course provided to expand my professional network and learn from alumni.”

Himani Priya.

Himani Priya, MBA ’22, MS ’23

Programs: Experience the 50: Chicago (Virtual, Fall 2020); Experience the 50: Silicon Valley Tech Trek (Virtual, Fall 2021); Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership in Africa (Virtual, Fall 2021); Experience the 50: Washington D.C. (Virtual, Spring 2022)

 “Global Programs were one more step toward being a global citizen. The interactions helped me understand different work cultures and become inclusive as a team leader, while exchanging life stories with people from different walks of life.”

Robert Siegel, BS ’23

Programs: Experience the 50: Midwest Tech Trek (Virtual, Fall 2020), Experience the 50: Industry and Culture in Philadelphia (Virtual, Spring 2021)

“My virtual programs in Austin and Philadelphia greatly enhanced my college experience. Learning about different industries in various parts of the country, while simultaneously networking with alumni, made for eye-opening trips. Global programs are a fantastic opportunity for students to gain real-life experience outside of the classroom.”

Rachel Wheeler, BS ’23

Program: Business in Central Europe (Virtual, Spring 2022)

"My course with Hungary and Germany helped me develop as an individual and gave me a unique experience to interact with international companies. The program was eye-opening and informative. I enjoyed the chance to work with different School of Management students, both undergrad and graduate, and gain perspective from other cultures. Global Programs are an amazing opportunity to gain real-world experience and learn about other cultures."