Briana Janson, BS ’16

Briana Janson, BS '16.

Briana Janson arrived at the UB School of Management looking for a large school with plenty of opportunities for her to get involved. 

While earning her Bachelor of Science in accounting, she dove into campus life as a student in the School of Management Honors program and a member of Beta Alpha Psi, a national accounting and finance honors fraternity. After commencement in May, she plans to enroll in the School of Management’s Master of Science in Accounting program and work toward a career as a certified public accountant.


When you entered UB as a first-year student, how was the transition for you from high school to a university setting?

The transition was not too difficult for me. All students come to campus hoping to meet new people, so everyone is very friendly. I also lived with other students in my program, so everyone in my dorm had something in common to talk about.

The campus can be large and confusing at first, so I walked around campus with friends to find our classes during opening weekend and downloaded the UB mobile app, which has a helpful campus map.

Why did you decide to participate in the new School of Management Honors program, and how has that experience been valuable for you so far?

I have been involved in the University Honors College since my first year at UB, and it has opened up a lot of opportunities to me. I was hoping for a similar experience with the School of Management Honors program, and it has not disappointed me.

The most valuable part of the program has been that it helped me with my leadership and public speaking skills.

What have you gained from other organizations you’re involved with on campus?

The University Honors College has given me the opportunity to take some unique classes, like “Market Yourself Successfully in College” and “Debt from Main Street to Wall Street.”

I also joined Beta Alpha Psi during my junior year, and it helped me to meet a lot more people in my major. I gained great professional experience by speaking at the regional meeting this year and participating in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. This year, I will be the vice president of candidates for Beta Alpha Psi.

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