Jason MacLean, PMBA ’15

Jason MacLean, PMBA ’15.

Inspired by the international marketing course he took, Jason MacLean landed a job at Rich Products after graduating from our Professional MBA program. In his role on Rich’s Knowledge Management team, he oversees an entire program for North America.


What attracted you to the UB PMBA program?

I selected UB for a number of reasons. The cost was competitive and appropriate, the structure of the program was flexible for a full-time working professional, and the UB name carries weight in Western New York and throughout the country.

What has been the most valuable course, advice, experience or professor in the School of Management?

International Marketing taught me so much about working with associates in other parts of the world. I am regularly in contact with our teams in China and Mexico, developing business solutions on their behalf. Time and language barriers make it difficult to do so, but having been to Europe and meeting with so many diverse companies, the job was much less intimidating than it might have been otherwise.

Can you offer any advice to other professionals who are considering a PMBA degree?

Sit in on a class if you can. I was fortunate enough to have several prospective students shadow me and learn more about what the program is truly like. I believe it will calm any fears you might have about starting the program and allow you to get a better handle on what the work is like.

The right time will always be yesterday. Life throws curveballs at random, and you can always make the excuse that there will be a better time to start later. My advice is to commit and jump in with both feet.

What do you consider your return on investment so far?

I have seen the benefits of my MBA already in terms of salary and experience. I would not be where I am today without my degree from UB.

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