Onyinye Belinda Okechukwu, MBA ’16

Onyinye Belinda Okechukwu, MBA ’16.

Onyinye Belinda Okechukwu moved to UB from Abuja, Nigeria, where she worked in auditing and consulting for three years. She’s currently enrolled in the School of Management’s full-time MBA program, a two-year curriculum that blends required foundation-building courses with flexible, career-targeted electives.


What attracted you to the UB MBA program? How did you discover UB?

I discovered UB while I was searching through MBA ranking lists online. I visited the websites of all the MBA programs in more than three ranking lists and took notes about the qualities of each school I was interested in.

I chose UB because for the experiential learning opportunities through the LeaderCORE™ and Corporate Champions programs, the wide range of concentrations to choose from, and economically it was a better option compared to other schools that offer the same quality of education. And, since I already had taken my GRE, the fact that the School of Management was flexible in terms of accepting either the GRE or the GMAT was a big plus. 

I also liked that UB has a diverse international student community that helps me draw experiences from people attending the school from all over the world, not just Americans.

What’s been your favorite UB MBA experience so far?

I’ve enjoyed attending the different lectures where I have met gifted professors and increased my knowledge base. I commend the school’s core curriculum because it will make you a successful, well-rounded leader in today’s business world. I also enjoyed the international student orientation.

Can you offer any advice to other professionals from outside the U.S. who are considering an MBA degree?

Research the schools and their requirements before applying. Start the application process on time—at least one year before your intended start date—so you can prepare for the standardized tests and get documents ready before the final deadline for international student applications.

Pursuing a UB MBA is a choice you will not regret because you will meet people from different countries and continents and learn from them. Be prepared to live outside your comfort zone.

What are your plans after graduation? Do you plan to stay in the U.S.? Do you plan to continue to work in the same industry?

I would like to work in the finance industry here in the U.S. for a few years after graduation and eventually move back to my country.

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