Sumit Arora, MBA ’17

Sumit Arora, MBA '17.

Originally from India, Sumit Arora brings more than five years of experience in financial services and consulting with him as student in our full-time MBA program, a two-year curriculum that blends required foundation-building courses with flexible, career-targeted electives.


Why did you decide to get your MBA?

Working in an eminent multinational like KPMG has taught me to observe diverse roles and invest in aspired roles. This is why I perceive attaining an MBA degree as an empowering experience, which will inject new life, vigor and speed into my career advancement. I believe my growth trajectory is headed towards the goals that beckon to me. These are driving me to emerge as a successful manager and leader, who will lead and manage organizations and steer them towards stability and sustainable growth. 

Why the UB MBA program?

I was drawn to the UB MBA program because of the smaller class sizes, the high return on investment for course content, especially LeaderCORE, and the Dean’s fellowship.

What has been the most valuable course, advice, experience or professor in the School of Management?

I’ll always remember these key takeaways from the presentation that Erin O’Brien, assistant dean and director of graduate programs at the School of Management, gave during MBA Advantage:

  1. Networking - Networking is key to your career success and in the UB MBA program you will be provided with plenty of opportunities to do that. The experience of interacting with peers, faculty, alumni and at career conferences has really given me the kind of exposure I was looking for. I have learned the right ways to connect with people, whether in-person or online. Trust me, it’s fun! 
  2. Taking care of yourself - Do not ignore yourself! Earning an MBA is hectic and you need to take care of yourself first to achieve your goals. I make sure I pursue my interests and get involved in activities outside of the classroom to feel motivated and inspired.  

Working towards these objectives helps you learn the key skills of leadership, time management, setting priorities, building relationships and handling pressure. 

Can you offer any advice to other international students who are considering an MBA degree from the School of Management?

I believe UB is the best in terms of ROI. Comparing it to the Harvards and Stanfords of MBA would not be fair. The way I see it is that I have so many things that I can initiate here and bring a positive change which probably I would not have if I went to some other schools.

What are your plans after graduation? Do you plan to work in the same industry?

I aim to continue working in the consulting industry, but as a strategic manager, and to further direct my long-term entrepreneurial vision to culmination.

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