Accounting is a field that deals with developing information which is useful to managers, investors and other interested parties in evaluating an entity’s financial position. As a PhD student, you will directly measure how users interact with accounting numbers as well as provide theories for accounting practice in the areas of financial and managerial accounting.


An appropriate background in accounting, finance and mathematics is assumed. Students may take MBA-level elective courses as necessary to fulfill any coursework deficiencies.

Major Requirements

First Year Second Year Third and Fourth Years

Fall Semester

  • ECON 611 Mathematics for Economists I
  • ECON 613 Introduction to Econometric Theory
  • ECON 665 Microeconomic Theory I
  • MGF 740 Theory of Finance
  • MGM 700 Research Design

Spring Semester

  • Note: MGF 641 counts towards finance concentration, not IA concentration.

ECON 614 Econometric Applications and Methods

ECON 582 Computational Econometrics OR STA 503 Applied Linear Statistical Models

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Minor in Economics

The following courses satisfy the core requirements in statistics (two courses) as well as the requirements for a minor in Economics (a grade point average of 3.0 is required in minor courses).

ECON 611 Mathematics for Economists I
ECON 613 Introduction to Econometric Theory
ECON 665 Microeconomic Theory I

Plus one course from the following:

ECON 614 Econometric Theory II
ECON 712 Econometrics: Time Series Analysis
ECON 731 Optimal Contract Theory
ECON 666 Microeconomic Theory II
MGO 797 Accounting workshops are required for one credit-hour.

Minor in Accounting

Students who want an accounting minor are expected to have an appropriate introductory-level background in financial and management accounting. (MGA 604 or equivalent)

Minor requirements may be satisfied by taking either the financial or managerial track. Course requirements are:

Managerial Track Financial Track

MGA 606 Intermediate Financial Reporting

MGA 796 Doctoral Seminar

Note: Substitutes may be used for doctoral seminar including independent study and supervised research.

No minor exam is required if the student achieves a 3.5 grade point average in minor courses.