The finance discipline in the Management PhD program prepares you to become a productive researcher and teacher at a top university. Each student follows a slightly different path, depending on research interests, allowing you some flexibility in the curriculum below. 

Discipline Requirements

First Year Second Year Third Year and Beyond

Fall Semester

Typically five of the following:

 • ECON 609 Macroeconomic Theory I
 • ECON 611 Mathematics for Economists I (required)
 • ECON 613 Introduction to Econometric Theory (required
 • ECON 655 Microeconomic Theory I (required)
 • MGF 740SEM Theory of Finance Seminar (required when open)
 • MGG 700 Research Design

Spring Semester

Typically four of the following, with at least one being a finance class:

 MGF 741SEM Corporate Finance (required when open)

 • ECON 665 Microeconomic Theory II (required)
 • ECON 612 Mathematics for Economists II (required)
 • ECON 614 Econometric Applications and Methods (required)

By the end of the first year, you will be expected to present a paper outlining your current progress in an area of research and how you might contribute in the future.

Contact Us

Finance Department
School of Management
University at Buffalo
347 Jacobs Management Center
Buffalo, NY 14260-4000

Tel:  716-645-3293
Fax: 716-645-3823

To speak to a faculty member directly about the PhD in Management program, contact Sahn-Wook Huh, associate professor, Finance Department.

External Area of Focus for Management Students

If you are a doctoral student in the School of Management who is interested in obtaining an external area of focus in Economics, you should consult with your academic advisor. The following courses satisfy the Management doctoral core requirements in statistics (two courses) as well as the requirements for an external focus area in Economics (a grade point average of 3.0 is required in external focus area courses).

ECON 611 Mathematics for Economists I
ECON 613 Introduction to Econometric Theory
ECON 665 Microeconomic Theory I

Plus one course from the following:

ECON 614 Econometric Theory II
ECON 712 Econometrics: Time Series Analysis
ECON 731 Optimal Contract Theory
ECON 666 Microeconomic Theory II
MGO 797 Accounting workshops are required for one credit-hour.

External Area of Focus for Non-Management Students

Required Courses Electives

Any of the following courses may also be taken, but are not required:

MGF 642 Financial Planning and Evaluation

MGF 643 Value Creation

Additional PhD Program Requirements