Operations is the heart of any business endeavor.  Learn how to get things done through global supply chains and local operations alike.

Our department focuses on two broad areas: supply chains and operations management, and strategic management (including entrepreneurship and international business).

In supply chains and operations management, you will learn to formulate strategies and effectively manage operations in a wide array of industries. Meanwhile, students in strategic or international management learn the complexities of international business partnerships and multinational operations.

At all degree levels, you have the opportunity to explore both areas, as well as work with and learn from top-tier faculty and leading scholars.

Concentration and Degree Options

  • All undergraduates take the core course “Production and Operations,” which teaches the process, tools and techniques of production and operations management. If you wish to delve deeper into this field, choose the operations and supply chain management concentration.
  • Undergraduates interested in business abroad can select the international business concentration to explore the changing dynamics of international business and trade.
  • MBA students may also choose to concentrate in supply chains and operations or international management. Through the former, you will learn to effectively manage operations environments in many industries. The international management concentration complements a concentration in another functional area and includes opportunities for overseas internships and study abroad experiences.
  • Doctoral students may specialize in supply chains and operations management or strategic management. Both tracks will develop your skills as an exceptional researcher, educator and consultant in your chosen field.