International Students

Current increased scrutiny of work authorization requests necessitates all international students stay informed. F-1 and J-1 students are encouraged to read the International Student Services (ISS) website; pay close attention to and save the ISS newsletter; and as needed, present questions directly to ISS staff.

To participate in an off-campus internship, international students must obtain Curricular Practical Training (CPT) work authorization, and be registered for academic credit corresponding with their curriculum. 

On this page:

Steps Required to Obtain CPT

Our program is the first step in this process for international students in the School of Management.  International students are permitted to begin an internship only after CPT is fully authorized and a new I-20 has been issued. 

  1. Log in to BizLink, and click the "Experiential Learning" tile from your home page; then click the blue "Add New" button, which takes you to the Experiential Learning Form.
  2. On the Experiential Learning Form, select "Credit Bearing Internship" and then choose the same semester (work term) as your participation in the internship. Complete the form in full, and then click submit. Please note: we do not process forms left in draft mode.
  3. Our staff will review your report for approval, and reach out to you with any questions. After your internship is approved, we will email you and your internship supervisor to obtain a formal offer letter along with both of your e-signatures on our Management by Objectives (MBO) learning agreement.
  4. Send your offer letter and MBO to our department email address: Once received, we will complete your academic registration and reach out to you via email with your course registration information.
  5. Visit the ISS webpage to apply for CPT. NOTE: When completing the CPT Request e-form, use CRC Internship Team for the name; and use for the email.
  6. Once you have completed Step 1 as per UB ISS, a member of our team will review and complete Step 2 and send to UB ISS for their final review.
  7. UB ISS will process your CPT request (allow up to 10 business days) and you will be issued a new I-20. Then, you can begin your internship.


  • All students in F-1 visa status must be present in the U.S. for nine months before participating in an internship.
  • International students in the School of Management are typically limited to a maximum of two CPT requests. Additional CPT requests may be permitted only after review by IEL staff. 
  • CPT limits internship participation to a maximum of 20 hours per week during fall and spring semesters, and 20+ hours per week during the summer. Please note that some employers may limit your hours per week to 30 - 40 hours (full-time).
  • Once you have accepted an internship offer, stop interviewing with other employers. Requests to switch internship placements introduces risk and may be rejected.

Graduate students

  • You are required to complete the entire first year of your program before participating in an internship.   
  • All graduate students are allowed a maximum of 3 elective credits (one internship) to count toward graduation.
  • MBA students waived from the internship requirement must void their waiver through our office to participate in an internship. Contact for assistance. 

Undergraduate students

  • You are allowed a maximum of 6 elective credits (two internships) to count toward graduation.

Earning Money

International students are able to earn both money and academic credit during a paid internship as offered by the employer. In addition to CPT, you must also secure a Social Security number (SSN) before your paid internship begins.

Students working on-campus for UB do not need CPT but still need to obtain an SSN.