Earn Academic Credit

Students wishing to earn academic credit for internship participation are guided by the following requirements:

  • 150 hours (minimum) of internship participation is required to earn three academic credits, our standard format; you may discuss with an IEL staff member potential options for flexible credit
  • Identification of Learning Objectives at the beginning of the internship
  • Mentoring from a supervisor with expertise corresponding directly with the internship focus area
  • Completion of meaningful academic assignments as outlined in our internship syllabus

How to Report Your Internship

  1. Once you have secured an internship offer, share your good news with us by emailing mgt-internships@buffalo.edu
  2. Obtain a detailed internship description or internship posting from your employer. We can help with this step as needed.
  3. Log in to BizLink, and click "Experiential Learning" from the left navigation menu of your home page.
  4. Complete and save the Experiential Learning Form.
  5. Our staff will review your internship report. Once approved, we will email your employer and instruct them to review and sign the Management by Objectives (MBO) agreement. You will be copied on that email, and you are also required to sign (please type into the document to sign - do not send us a photo scan of the MBO).
  6. Submit the completed MBO to mgt-internships@buffalo.edu. International students are required to follow additional steps.
  7. We complete your course registration for the internship. The course will appear on your UBLearns account as a 496 registration for undergraduates, or a 648 registration for graduate students.
  8. You will receive our internship syllabus and will be responsible for completing reflection assignments in order to receive a passing grade. As a reminder, all internships are graded pass/fail. 

Review and save our Internship Fact Sheet for full details.