Dual Degree Students

The combination of your foundational curriculum with the business acumen and leadership intelligence fostered by our MBA program creates just the right conditions for unique and inspiring internship experiences. The timing and nature of your internship requirement varies depending on which dual degree program you are pursuing. Review your specific curriculum plan to understand how the internship fits within your timeline.

Defining Your Internship

Your internship requirement can be satisfied in a number of ways. For example, it may take place during a rotation required by your foundational curriculum, or you can search and secure an internship on your own. In both scenarios it is necessary to define the experience in the context of your MBA. The following questions represent required components that help define your internship description:

  • How is the rotation or internship related to your MBA?
  • Which MBA skills and knowledge areas are called upon to succeed in this experience?
  • What are you hoping to learn during this experience in the context of your MBA?

Reporting Your Internship

Students planning to use an established curricular rotation or placement to satisfy the internship requirement should report their internship in BizLink as a first step, for review by our director. Remember to define your internship focus in the context of your MBA.

Students who choose to conduct an internship search outside of their curricular plan should check BizLink on a regular basis for internship opportunities. More information on how to conduct a successful internship search can be found on our Search for Internships page.  

All students are welcome to schedule an appointment with our team for assistance, via BizLink or by calling our Career Resource Center at 716-645-3232.