Past Competition Winners

The University at Buffalo School of Management and the Office of Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships congratulate past winners of the Henry A. Panasci Jr. Technology Entrepreneurship Competition.

2022: Team Real Talk Inc.
Contact: Malkijah Griffiths
Read the Team Real Talk story

2021: Opollo Technologies LLC
Contact: Ryan Young
Read the Opollo Technologies story

2020: Immunaeon
Contact: Adam Utley
Read the Immunaeon story

2019: Ovana Life Sciences
Contact: Ogechi Ogoke
Read the Ovana Life Sciences story

2018: Aviate Audio
Contact: Shane Nolan 
Read the Aviate Audio story

2017: NanoHydroChem LLC
Contact: Parham Rohani 

2016: Buffalo Automation Group
Contact: Thiru Vikram

2015: Pop Biotechnologies (formerly Photozyne)
Read the Pop Biotechnologies story

2014: EMVISS
Read the EMVISS story

2013: diMien LLC
Read the diMien LLC story

2012: AppVue
Contact: Matthew Epstein

2011: Lectio Labs

2010: Graphene Devices Ltd.
Contact: Robert G. Anstey, Esq.

2009: Welanguage
Contact: Weibo Si

2008: NanoAxis 
Contact: Krishnan Chakravarthy

2007: CH3, Biosystems
Contact: John Aletta 

2006: Fast Mammoth
Contact: Justin Call

2005: AuctionCruncher LLC
Contact: Alan Zdon

2004: Digital Surveillance Solutions
Contact: Michael Blumenson

2004: iNetworkUSA
Contact: Johan Klarin

2003: First Tracks Inc.
Contact: Scott Carter

2002: Frontier Equine Veterinary Practice
Contact: JoAnn Johnson

2001: Student Voice
Contact: Eric Reich