Joseph Chow, MD, EMBA ’14

Joseph Chow, MD, EMBA '14.

Joseph Chow is the president and chief medical officer of TeamHealth Urgent Care and is responsible for providing clinical leadership for the health care provider and its affiliated physicians and advanced practice clinicians. He is a 2014 graduate of the School of Management’s Executive MBA program, a 17-month, weekend program designed for high-potential leaders.


What attracted you to the UB EMBA program?

The reputation here at UB and flexibility in schedule. Plus I’m an alumnus so I love UB already!

What was the most valuable course, advice, experience or professor in the School of Management?

So many. I enjoyed the emotional intelligence, finance and economics courses. I learned a ton from data modeling, although that was probably the toughest class for me. And I’m still working to apply what I learned in Professor Star’s strategy class.

As a medical doctor, why was earning an EMBA degree important for you?

I’ve always had an interest in the life sciences, even as a kid. I was drawn to the medical field because it’s a noble profession that allows me to work in something complex that is inherent in all of us.

The EMBA helps balance my career—to do something that is so different from what I’ve been doing for decades but is still applicable to the business.

Can you offer any advice to other professionals who are considering an EMBA degree?

Do it. The joy of learning and the people you meet are worth it alone.

What are your plans now, a year after graduation? Do you plan to continue to work in the same industry?

I’m working in the same industry, but since graduation I’ve now moved into the role of president of my group at TeamHealth Urgent Care.