Students Timothy Madden and Gabriela Cordoba Vivas at a farmer's market.

One team of UB Social Impact Fellows helped Journey's End Refugee Services develop a business plan to enhance its urban farming program, Green Shoots for New Americans. Photo: Meredith Forrest Kulwicki

Sustainability is good for the planet—and good for the bottom line.

In the UB School of Management, sustainability means thinking big and working together to make change that positively impacts our community and planet.

For example, as climate change threatens to impact nearly every aspect of society—including food and water sourcing, public health, housing and transportation—faculty members are researching how organizations, from small businesses to global firms, can improve their environmental performance and be part of the solution. In the classroom, our students learn why sustainability makes smart business sense, and use their skills to help nonprofits in a range of areas. 

Here at the School of Management, as part of our strategic focus on social innovation, we have integrated sustainability into a variety of courses, programs, research and partnerships. Below are a few examples.


Through undergraduate and graduate courses, students look at sustainability from multiple perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of its impact on business strategy and operations. 


In their research, School of Management faculty question theories and bring new perspectives to pressing challenges—including sustainability and climate change.

Real-World Experiences

School of Management students can choose from a robust array of experiential learning opportunities— locally and around the globe—to see firsthand how organizations can successfully incorporate sustainability into their mission and operations for a better world.

Partners in Progress

The School of Management works collaboratively within the UB and Western New York communities, and with organizations around the world, to help develop sustainable solutions to today’s many challenges.

Our partners include: