A typical course schedule is outlined below. However, you can satisfy your seminar, research methodology and managerial skills requirements in numerous ways depending on your prior academic coursework and research interests.

In your first few years of study, your faculty advisor will help you navigate the curriculum and coordinate with other faculty who can serve as your mentors.

Refer to the PhD Handbook for complete information on all program requirements.

First Year Second Year Third Year and Beyond

PhD Proposal and Dissertation

Working with your faculty advisor, begin exploring research topics during your first and second year. By your third year and beyond, you're focused on your original research, forming your proposal, researching and then writing your dissertation. Your dissertation usually takes the form of three publishable papers or a longer single dissertation paper.

External Areas of Focus for Management Students

  • Industrial engineering
  • Statistics
  • Finance
  • Organizational behavior and human resources
  • Marketing
  • Management information systems

Successful Dissertations

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To speak to a faculty member, contact Nallan Suresh, PhD, professor and chair, operations management and strategy.

External Areas of Focus for Non-Management Students

If you are a doctoral student outside of the OMS department who is interested in obtaining an external area of focus in OMS, you should consult with your academic advisor. Course requirements are listed below.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Two seminars (6 credits) MGO 795 Seminar in Operations Management

Plus two courses from the following:

MGO 639 Sustainable Operations

Additional PhD Program Requirements