Ronald J. Huefner

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus
Accounting and Law


PhD, Cornell University
MBA, Cornell University
BA, Canisius College
Certified Public Accountant
Certified Management Accountant

Huefner served on the faculty from 1968 through 2010, with specialties in financial and managerial accounting and fraud examination. He is one of only two School of Management professors to be honored as a SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, which represents a rank above full professor. In addition to his teaching and research roles, Huefner has held various positions in professional organizations. He is co-author of an advanced financial accounting text, now in its 12th edition. He has served as department chair and as chair of the school's MBA programs. Since retiring in 2010, he continues to be active in research, with an emphasis on revenue management.

Selected Publications

Ronald J. Huefner, "An Introduction to Revenue Management:  Exploring Common Techniques and the CPA's Role,"  The CPA Journal, Vol. LXXXIV, No. 6 (June 2014), pp. 17-21

Ronald J. Huefner and James A. Largay III, "Identifying Revenue Opportunities Via Capacity Analysis,"  Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, Vol. 12, No. 4 (July 2013), pp. 305-312

Susan S. Hamlen, Ronald J. Huefner and James A. Largay III, Advanced Accounting, Second Edition (Cambridge Business Publications, 2013), 703 pages; Supplements prepared by the authors:  Solutions Manual, Test Bank

Ronald J. Huefner, "Revenue Management:  A Path to Increased Profits" (Business Expert Press, 2011), 145 pages

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