William Kross

Professor Emeritus
Accounting and Law


PhD, University of Iowa
MAc, Western Illinois University
BBA, Western Illinois University


Certified Public Accountant


Kross’s research involves examining the usefulness of accounting numbers in setting stock prices, including the impact that accounting disclosures have on stock prices. Secondary research interests include assessing the characteristics of the financial forecasts of managers and analysts, and the usefulness of these forecasts to investors. Dr. Kross’s teaching interest is in financial accounting, particularly in intermediate accounting for undergraduates and beginning financial accounting for MBAs. He is a member of the American Accounting Association and the American Institute of CPAs.

Selected Publications

"Does Regulation FD work?  Evidence from Analysts' Reliance on Public Disclosure" (with I. Suk). Journal of Accounting and Economics Vol. 53. 2012.

“The Effect of Regulation FD on the Properties of Management Earnings Forecasts" (with F. Heflin and I. Suk) Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. Vol. 31 (2) March-April 2012.

“Consistency in Meeting or Beating Market Earnings Expectations and Management Earnings Forecasts,” (with I. Suk and B. Ro). Journal of Accounting and Economics, February 2011.

"Why Investors Misprice Special Items" (with C. Hsu). Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 28, 2011.

“The Ability of Earnings to Predict Future Cash Flows Has Been Increasing-Not Decreasing,” (with M. Kim). Journal of Accounting Research, December 2005.