Create solutions and drive change in your organization.

Bridge the gap between research and practice. Leadership development programs can grow manager competencies and effectiveness if those programs are based on evidence-backed approaches to leadership. CLOE custom leadership programs build on a wide array of scientifically proven management skills, including:

  • Motivational influence
  • Social learning
  • Collaborative coaching
  • Servant leadership

Help your employees expand their skill set through custom leadership development based on cutting-edge research, education and training with our renowned faculty, scholars and experts in such areas as team effectiveness, strategic planning and one-on-one coaching.

All our custom programs begin with a focus on your organization. We start by learning about your organization to understand how we can best help your leadership to make meaningful differences — for your employees and your bottom line. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; every program is different, depending upon your organization’s unique context and culture.

After learning about your needs, we assemble a team of award-winning management researchers, instructors and experts to develop and deliver interactive sessions that give your managers the tools they need to improve employee productivity, commitment and satisfaction. Techniques may include:

  • Individualized instruction and coaching
  • Simulations and experiential activities
  • Practical strategies derived from years of peer-reviewed leadership research

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