Journal Editorship

Faculty Editorial Positions 2009

Brian Becker

  • Journal of Management: Editorial Board
  • Academy of Management Journal: Editorial Board

Kee Chung

  • Pacific-Basin Finance Journal: Editorial Board
  • Journal of Financial and Risk Management: Advisory Board 
  • Financial Review: Associate Editor
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies: Invited Guest Editor for “Special Issue on Market Microstructure and Related Issues”

Fred Dansereau

  • Leadership Quarterly: Editorial Board
  • Group and Organization Management: Editorial Board
  • Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies: Editorial Board

Sri Devi Duvvuri

  • Marketing Science - Editorial Board

Isaac Ehrlich

  • Journal of Human Capital: Editor in Chief

Ronald Huefner

  • The CPA Journal: Editorial Board

Kenneth Kim

  • Multinational Business Review: Editorial Board
  • SASIN Journal of Management: Editorial Board

Rajiv Kishore

  • International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies: Editorial Review Board
  • International Journal of Enterprise Information System: Editorial Review Board
  • Information Systems Frontiers: Coordinating  Editor
  • Journal of Management Information Systems: Editorial Review Board Member
  • International Journal of Semantic Web and Information Systems: Editorial Board Member

Yong Li

  • International Journal of Strategic Change Management: Editorial Board

Ram Ramesh

  • INFORMS Journal on Computing: Associate Editor
  • International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies: Editorial Review Board
  • Enterprise Information Systems: Editorial Board Member
  •  International Journal of Industrial Engineering: Associate Editor
  • International Journal of Semantic Web and Information Systems: Associate Editor

H. Raghav Rao

  • Decision Support Systems: Associate Editor
  • Information Systems Frontiers: Co-Editor-in-Chief
  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Associate Editor
  • MIS Quarterly: Guest Senior Editor
  • ACM Transactions on MIS: Associate Editor
  • Intelligence & Security Informatics (ISI): Editorial Board Member

Natalie C. Simpson

  • Decision Sciences:  Publication Committee

Debabrata (Debu) Talukdar

  • Scientific Journals International: Editorial Board

Darren Treadway

  • Leadership Quarterly – Editorial Board

Minakshi Trivedi

  • Scientific Journals International: Editorial Review Board member 
  • Journal of International Marketing: Review Board Member

Charles Wang

  • International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management: Editorial Review Board Member