Research Grants and Awards

2016 Grants

National Science Foundation
H. R. Rao and Laura Amo, co-PIs with David Murray

SaTC EDU Collaborative: Cybersecurity for middle school students at museums: An informal learning approach (2015-17)

National Science Foundation and National Security Agency
H. R. Rao and Laura Amo, co-PIs with David Murray


National Science Foundation
Sanjukta Das Smith and Ram Ramesh, co-PIs

An analytical approach to quantifying availability (AQUA) for cloud resource provisions and allocation (2014-16)

National Science Foundation
Sanjukta Das Smith

Collaborator with UB’s Department of Mathematics in the NSF Enriched Doctoral Training in the Mathematical Sciences program.

National Science Foundation
Dominik Roesch, Cristian Tiu and Brian Wolfe

Data analysis and management building blocks for multi-campus cyber infrastructure through cloud federation

National Research Foundation
Kee H. Chung, co-I

Development of integrated risk management financial system for welfare society (2014-17)

Helios Corp.
Isaac Ehrlich and Nathan Daun-Barnett, co-PIs

Examining the implementation of the Florida College Access Network and its impact on local college access network (2015-16)

University at Buffalo
Isaac Ehrlich

3E grant for “A human capital agenda for educational and economic development” (2012/13-2015/16)

University at Buffalo
Arun Lakshmanan

From the UB Institute for Person-Centered Care for “Cyber-empathic healthcare prognostics”

University at Buffalo
Rajiv Kishore, PI

From UB Center for Home Health and Well-Being through Adaptive Smart Environments (Home-BASE) for “MEMS and Competitive Game Interventions to Promote ART Adherence in Poorly-Adherent HIV Patients”

Huawei Technologies
Sanjukta Das Smith, co-PI

Providing reliable cloud services through availability-aware SLA contract designs

Huawei Technologies
Ram Ramesh, co-PI

Optimal SLA design for network function virtualization

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Rajiv Kishore, co-I

Use of gamified social media with home telemonitoring for patient self-management in poorly controlled Medicaid diabetics: A pilot study of health outcomes, social influences and habit formation

UB Office of the Vice President of Research and Economic Development
Debu Talukdar

Seed research grant for interdisciplinary research on green products

2016 Research Award

G. James Lemoine