New to Outlook: send Microsoft Teams links automatically with events

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Published August 15, 2022

Some people at the University at Buffalo have this new feature, which automatically adds a Microsoft Teams link to an event invite, enabled by default. Convenient for those using Teams to host their meetings, here’s how you can find this setting and turn it on or off.


The process of enabling or disabling automatic Teams links on Outlook events works a little differently depending on whether you’re using Outlook for Windows, macOS or the web:

  • On Windows: in the Outlook app, click on Settings and then Options. Check or uncheck the setting Add online meeting to all meetings.
  • On macOS: in the Outlook app, go to Preferences and then Calendar. Check or uncheck the box next to Add online meetings to all events. If you’re using the New Outlook, the checkbox will instead be a button marked Configure; click it, then check or uncheck the box next to Add online meetings to all meetings.
  • On the web: click the Settings (gear) icon, then select View all Outlook settings. Go to Calendar, then Events and invitations, and check or uncheck the Add online meeting to all meetings setting.

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