Communications Tools

  • 8/16/17
    Guidelines for maintaining a strong, consistent visual presence for the UB School of Management, including logos, graphics, colors, stationery and business cards.
  • 4/21/20
    Fact sheets, Bragging Rights, a branded backdrop, guided tour notes and other materials to help you promote the School of Management.
  • 4/15/19
    PowerPoint templates, award certificates, nametags and table tents.
  • 9/21/20
    Our top 27 tips for concise, consistent, well-written content.
  • 1/12/21
    Tools, tips and best practices for social media in the School of Management.
  • 7/21/21
    Guidelines for videos and YouTube, including branded graphics and slides for download.
  • 8/14/20
    Tips for lighting, framing and composing powerful photos.
  • 1/9/20
    The internal newsletter for School of Management staff.