Video Guidelines and Tools

Video title screen graphic.

Video is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience and tell an interesting story.

To make sure your video graphics and YouTube formatting are clear, consistent and on brand, follow the guidelines below. 

Photo/Video Release

Before taking photos or video, ask your subjects to fill out a Photo/Video Release [PDF].

Send completed forms to

Title Screen

Used at the opening of a video, several options are available to create title screens that incorporate the School of Managment logo, as well as brand fonts and colors. Each option is available in blue or gray and will overlay your video or a photograph. (See example above.)

Lower Thirds

For School of Management faculty, staff or students, identify the individual by using his or her name and title. On the next line, in smaller text, list the University at Buffalo School of Management. (See example above.)

For alumni, follow the School of Management standard for degree listings: After the individual’s name, type a comma and a space, and list the degree (BS, MBA, MS, PhD, EMBA, PMBA or CEL), followed by a space, a “smart” apostrophe (’) and the last two digits of the year. For those with more than one School of Management degree, list them in the order in which they were received, separated by commas. Only include School of Management degrees, with the exception of dual degrees (i.e. JD/MBA, MD/MBA). 

  • John C. Doe, BS ’88 (School of Management BS in 1988)
  • Jane A. Doe, BS ’86, MBA ’90 (BS in 1986 and MBA in 1990, both from School of Management)
  • Mary T. Doe, PhD ’93 (School of Management PhD in 1993, lower degrees elsewhere)

On the next line, in smaller text, list the individual’s title and place of business.

  • Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Jefferson Health System
  • Vice President for Business Development, National Fuel Gas
  • Executive Vice President, Qualcomm


Always use official UB brand fonts (Sofia, More) or font substitutes (Arial, Georgia) in your on-screen text and graphics.

Closing Screen

Use this graphic as your video’s closing frame to underscore your UB School of Management affiliation and provide our web address and social media hashtags.

YouTube Guidelines

Visit the School of Management's official YouTube channel to see videos on faculty research, alumni success and more.

Title format

  • For videos featuring a single alumnus, use: Subject name, degrees, UB School of Management (video summary)
    • Example: Kim DiMaurizio, BS ’97, MBA ’98, UB School of Management (choosing UB)
  • Titles for more expansive videos may be more descriptive, with subtitles that add further detail, if needed. Use the title on the video title screen, as well as in the title field when posting the video.
    • Example: The Future of Health Care: Series tackles key issues in business and society


  • Subject name, degrees, title, expanded description of content, followed by “Learn more about the University at Buffalo School of Management:” (Note: Typically, in School of Management style, you do not use “https://” in running text, but here it’s necessary to create a live hyperlink.)
    • Example: Kim DiMaurizio, BS ’97, MBA ’98, director, HR Transformation at Campbell Soup Company, on why she chose the University at Buffalo School of Management. Learn more about the UB School of Management:


  • Include a list of key search terms. Think of the words you would use to find the video you’ve created, and the terms people are already searching for that you'd want your video to show up under.