School of Management Visual Identity

It is important to maintain a strong, consistent visual presence for UB and the School of Management to create an integrated look and feel to our publications.

Our visual identity guidelines provide a strong, unified set of standards to represent the many departments, programs and offices in the School of Management under the UB umbrella. With standards for colors, fonts and logos, the guide unites the school and university communities under one brand identity, giving our institution a familiar and welcoming presence our audiences will recognize, while enabling the School of Management and its sub-brands to communicate our unique identities.

For any questions, contact the School of Management's Communications Office at

Note: These guidelines complement, but do not supersede, the UB visual identity guidelines. Consult the visual identity section of UB's Communications Toolbox for details.


  • Letterhead and envelopes may now use the School of Management logo or another brand extension logo, and may include information for a sub-brand (office, department, center) in the footer or return address, respectively. Business cards must use the UB logo. To order, visit UB's stationery system.