Our Name

To reinforce the School of Management's identity as a world-class business school, and as part of the University at Buffalo, it's critical to be consistent in our nomenclature.

The following guidelines complement those found in the Our Name section of the UB Brand Toolbox.

Formal name:

University at Buffalo School of Management

Informal name:

UB School of Management

Always spell out "University at Buffalo School of Management" on first reference. For subsequent references, use "UB School of Management" or "School of Management," depending on the context and your audience.

Formal name with SUNY modifier:

University at Buffalo School of Management, The State University of New York

Usually, it's not necessary to use the SUNY modifier. However, certain audiences — especially international audiences — may have a connection or positive association with SUNY, making it appropriate to include in those instances. 

The names above are the only approved names for the School of Management. 

The use of "SOM," "SUNY Buffalo," "UB's School of Management" and other versions are not permitted.

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