School of Management Color Palette

UB's primary colors, blue and white, date back to 1886, while our secondary pallette gives additional options to add vibrancy and convey tone.

The color examples below are rendered in web colors and not intended to match printed colors. Do not attempt to match these colors to your monitor or a printout. Consult a Pantoneā„¢ color swatch book for more accurate printed color representations.

Our Color Palette

UB Blue and Hayes Hall White should anchor all communications pieces — creating a strong, immediate association with the School of Management and the University at Buffalo. Blue should make up 50% of the piece, and white should be 40%, with 5% remaining for Townsend Gray and 5% for other secondary colors. 

In our color selection, we aim for a formal but vibrant feel and have chosen several colors from UB's secondary palette to match that tone. These should be used as pop colors and should not become a predominant color in any piece.

For the exact values of UB Blue and Hayes Hall White, see below. For the values of our secondary palette — Victor E. Blue, Lake LaSalle, Townsend Gray, Letchworth Autumn and Harriman Blue — visit the Color Palette page in the UB Brand Toolbox. There, you will also find a palette download for Adobe Creative Suite programs, best practices for using text with color, and more information on ratios of color.

UB Blue



HEX: #005bbb

RGB: 0, 91, 187

Hayes Hall White




HEX: #ffffff

RGB: 255, 255, 255