New UB email scam: Don't scan that QR code

A faculty member scanning a qr code on phone that arrived in an email supposedly from HR.

Published October 13, 2023

Think before you scan QR codes in emails! Scammers are impersonating UB's HR department, sending deceptive emails claiming that HR/Payroll has shared a file accessible via a QR code. 

Recognizing the scam



Canfield photo.

Michael Canfield 

The scam begins with an email seemingly originating from, for example, UB's HR department, asserting that HR/Payroll has shared a file with you and includes a QR code for accessing the supposed document. However, several red flags can help you identify the phishing attempt:

  • Check the sender's email: Legitimate UB communications will always come from a UB email address. If the sender's email does not match this criterion, it's likely a scam.
  • Unusual subject lines: Be cautious if the email subject contains random words, typos, or overly complex jargon. 
  • Unexpected QR code requests: HR/payroll does not distribute files using QR codes. Any email asking you to scan a QR code for file access should be treated with suspicion.



Protect yourself

If you suspect that you've been targeted by this phishing scam, take immediate action to safeguard your information:

  • Change your UBITName password: If you have entered your UBITName and password in response to the scam, change your password without delay. This step is crucial in preventing unauthorized access to your account.
  • Contact the UBIT Help Center: If you need assistance or have concerns about your account's security, reach out to the UBIT Help Center immediately. 
  • Keep up with identified scams by checking the UBIT website.

Need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center any time you need help with UB technology, online at or by phone at 716-645-3542.