Meet our Staff

Carrie Gardner

Carrie guides the development and delivery of student and employer services for Internships and Experiential Learning within the School of Management. She assists employers across industries in creating and promoting internships, and advises students at the MBA and MS class levels. She is a co-facilitator of the interdisciplinary Social Impact Fellows program and also the Nonprofit Board Fellowship in collaboration with our Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (CLOE) program. She has built a personal brand as a highly dedicated knowledge expert and problem solver. Carrie's prior experience includes serving as director of internships at a big ten university as well as serving as a senior consultant with a global organizational development and outplacement firm.

Caitlin Rush
Associate Director

Caitlin contributes to both the internship and undergraduate services teams. She serves as lead instructor for Part I of our undergraduate Career Connections course, which is designed to assist students in developing a career plan that aligns with their strengths and career interests. In addition, she coordinates experiential learning opportunities focused on career exploration and professional development for our undergraduate students. These opportunities are available through our Career Passport program, which includes our career courses, as well as myriad networking events, conferences, workshops and case competitions. Caitlin also founded our highly successful Management Volunteer Program, which connects students to service learning opportunities throughout Western New York.

Lee Bemiller
Assistant Director 

Lee focuses on our undergraduate student population. She assists students with defining their goals related to experiential learning and internships, and is available to answer questions regarding BizLink, academic registrations for internship participation, and the work authorization process (for international students). Lee connects with employers to develop substantial and meaningful internship opportunities for undergraduate students. She is also a member of the Career Resource Center’s undergraduate programming team to plan and implement events related to experiential learning. Lee is a higher education and student affairs administration and recruiting professional, with experience recruiting, mentoring, and coordinating programs and internships in an effort to support key initiatives designed to enhance student engagement and college success skills.

Martha Salzman
Faculty Director 
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting and Law

Martha is responsible for final approval of all internship placements as well as the review of policies regarding updates in program operations. She serves as Chair of the faculty internship committee.