Named Spaces and Amenities

The Jacobs Management Center has several named spaces and amenities. They are listed below, along with the individuals or corporations who made them possible.

Named Space or Amenity Location Donor
Frank and Marilyn Clement
Undergraduate Community Hub
B20 Frank, BS ’66, and Marilyn Clement
John H. Shellum Room 106 School of Management Alumni Association
Ernst and Young Connected Classroom
122 Ernst and Young
Graduate Study Center 206N Graduate Class Gift 2016, Hamburg Floor Covering, Interior Solutions and Steelcase
Terese Kelly Investment Group Room 208A Terese E. Kelly
Quent Research Collaborative 208A Gregg Fisher, BS ’92
DiBerardino Accounting Resource Center 322 Louis A. DiBerardino, BS ’80
Sleiman Security Lab 324 Cherif Sleiman, MBA ’99