Bloomberg Terminals

Bloomberg terminal.

As a School of Management student taking certain courses, you can reserve a Bloomberg terminal located in 208A Jacobs Management Center. 

If you have questions about the terminals, send an email to otherwise reserve a terminal using the link above.

Terminal and Room Rules

  • Terminals are reserved for use by certain classes and individuals upon request.
  • Terminals must be reserved prior to each use.
  • You must not share terminal passwords with anyone.
  • You must stop use of the terminals at the end of your requested time.
  • Terminals are used for Bloomberg research or certification only. No other use other then Bloomberg.
  • Terminals are located in 208A Jacobs Management Center. Access to the room is granted via swipe using your UB card.
    • Do not open the door for others or prop it open. Each individual must swipe in.
    • The room may not be used for group meetings, club meetings or personal use other than individual learning about Bloomberg terminals.
    • Respect other terminal users in the room and keep noise and distractions to absolute minimum.
    • The room must be kept clean and all trash must be picked up after each use.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed in the room.
    • Notice: There is a security camera in the room, and it is recording 24x7.
    • TV is not available for use.
    • Rule violators will lose access to the room.