Student Computing Requirements

Students at UB are required to have access to a computer and printer.

This access goes beyond what is provided in the university’s public computing sites, the university’s My Virtual Computing Lab and School of Management’s student computer lab located in Jacobs 210. 

While ownership is not strictly required, most will find it essential for success in their academic pursuits. If you already own a computer, this site and UB's computing standards site, will help determine if it complies with UB’s and the school’s support standards, ensuring that it meets your needs for discipline-specific work in the School of Management.  

If you are looking to purchase a new computer, please refer to the university’s recommended computing standards, in addition to the School of Management’s requirements outlined below.

If you are looking to purchase software for your computer, please refer to the university's software website. Certain software packages, such as Microsoft Office, are available at no charge.

Windows-Only Applications Requirements

  1. Execute and use Windows-only applications on their computer—Because some School of Management courses use applications that work only in a Windows environment, students are required to have access to a Windows machine. This can be accomplished through a virtual machine on their Macintosh computer, dual-boot scenario, a second Windows-only computer or some other means that is the responsibility of the student. Two examples include:
    1. MGS 351: All management students must take MGS 351, which entails learning to work with Microsoft Access. Microsoft Office for Macintosh does not include Access. Microsoft Access is available in the Jacobs Computer Lab, other university computer labs and UB's My Virtual Computing Lab. Currently the online version of Microsoft Office (Office 365) does not include Microsoft Access.
    2. MGA 311: All students enrolled in this accounting course will be required to install an accounting package such as Sage 50; currently there is only a Windows-based version of the software. Sage 50 operates on Windows Operating Systems. This accounting software is not available in the Jacobs Computer Lab, the UB virtual lab or other university labs.
  2. Exchange Microsoft Office documents without any problems—Because many School of Management courses rely heavily on the use of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), students’ computers need to read the latest Microsoft Office documents and save their work in the latest Microsoft Office formats for possible presentation to their instructors.


You must have a webcam.

Printer Access

Ownership of a printer is not strictly required, but most people will find it essential for success in their academic pursuits.


There are some simple steps all computer users can take to help protect their computers and personal information from hackers, viruses, scam artists and other online threats. Visit the university’s security website to learn more about protecting your computer and personal data.

Backing Up Your Data

Students should acquire a form of storage media for storing and backing up their projects and data independent of their computer. It is highly recommended that students acquire a means of securing their laptop or computer for security purposes (i.e. a security lock down cable). Visit the university's security website.

Helpful Links

  1. Software available to the University at Buffalo students. 
  2. Microsoft upgrades are available from the university. 
  3. UB’s My Virtual Computing Lab.
  4. Additional services available to University at Buffalo students.