School of Management Professional Development Career Services Fee

Tuition dollars support credit-bearing instructional programs. To be competitive, however, our students require a range of professional and career development experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom instruction. The fee supports the additional costs associated with providing these essential experiences.

School of Management students are charged one fee that supports both UB’s Career Design Center and the School of Management Career Resource Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the fee used?

The School of Management strategically supports student professional development and is committed to the conviction that professional engagement outside the classroom serves as a critical pathway for students to develop valuable skills, knowledge and competencies, while strengthening the communities in which they participate. Professional development enables students to effectively translate classroom instruction into broader professional capabilities, define their identities and strengthen engagement as they prepare for citizenship in a rapidly changing world. This is accomplished through partnerships among faculty, staff, alumni, business partners and the students themselves, with a heavy emphasis on experiential learning.

In particular, the fee enables long-term, strategic investment in the School of Management’s Career Resource Center (CRC) to allow the school to continue to provide outstanding service to students in many critical areas, including internships, experiential learning, job search, career development support, student outreach, advisement, external outreach and opportunity development. The School of Management is a nationally ranked business school and competitive with other public AAU business schools. One of the hallmarks of a well-ranked business school is a dedicated career services function. While UB’s central career office (the Career Design Center), is available to all students, the CRC serves School of Management students exclusively, providing specialized and enhanced services, including:

  • A variety of tailored career and professional development programs, events and resources for business concentrations
  • Specialized support for engagement in co-curricular professional development, community service and leadership activities—all under the umbrella of experiential learning
  • A strong focus on employer development for business students, building external partnerships not only for job and internship recruiting, but for collaborating to educate, mentor and network throughout our students’ UB experience as a bridge to the business world
  • Lifelong career services available to all School of Management alumni, fulfilling the school’s vision of providing ongoing value to its graduates

Who is charged the fee?

The fee is charged to all undergraduates, full-time MBA students, and Master of Science students in the School of Management.

What if a student changes his or her major?

Requests for fee removal based on changes to major will be considered on an individual basis. Students must notify the school if they change their official major after the billing period begins so the fee can be removed.

Is the fee included in the cost of attendance for financial aid purposes?

This fee is included with tuition and other fees to determine a student’s total cost of attendance for financial aid. Questions about financial aid should be directed to UB's Office of Financial Aid, not the School of Management. Visit their website or call them at 716-645-8232.