Jamie Blistein, BS ’15, MS ’16

Jamie Blistein, BS ’15, MS ’16.

Jamie Blistein is a 2015 graduate of the UB School of Management's Bachelor of Science in Accounting program, and is currently enrolled in our one-year, full-time Master of Science in Accounting program. 

After commencement, she hopes to become a certified public accountant and certified internal auditor.


What initially sparked your interest in accounting?

I did not always intend to graduate from UB with a degree in accounting. I had hoped to enter the advertising field and at first was double majoring in marketing and graphic design. After taking the accounting prerequisites for the School of Management, I found I really enjoyed the material in these classes and realized it was a practical career. 

What were some of the most important lessons you learned in the Bachelor of Science program?

One of the most important lessons I learned was how to work effectively and efficiently in group settings. In the School of Management, you are often assigned group projects where you are required to work with individuals of different skillsets, backgrounds, personalities and interests. Although it may be challenging, it is important to learn how to work with diverse groups of people and become accepting of different work styles. 

What organizations are you involved with on campus? What are some of you favorite memories from them?

As an undergraduate, I was a member of Beta Alpha Psi and was a career ambassador for the School of Management. As a member of both organizations, I was able to expand my network amongst peers, as well as professionals.

My favorite memory as a Beta Alpha Psi member was participating in PwC’s Earn Your Future program, for which our chapter taught a financial literacy lesson to high school students in Buffalo. It felt great to give back to the community and share some of my knowledge with these students. 

You’re currently interning with PwC and have also completed two other internships. What did you gain from these positions?

Through various internships, I’ve been exposed to a plethora of clients and industries. I learned what my interests are, gained insight into various companies and learned to push myself outside my comfort zone and actively seek to expand my professional network.

Do you have any advice for students considering UB?

Nothing worthwhile will ever come easy. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your goals. I was able to achieve mine with the help of the faculty and resources at UB, especially in the accounting program. What you put into your college experience is what you are going to get out of it. 

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