Michael S. Rozeff

Professor Emeritus


PhD, University of Rochester
MS, University of Illinois
MBA, University of Illinois
MAT, Harvard Graduate School of Education
BA, Harvard College


Rozeff has published articles on stock market pricing, earnings forecasting, corporate dividend policy, corporate divestiture, insider trading and the Asian stock markets. He has been associate editor of several finance journals. Rozeff's recent articles on economics and politics are archived at LewRockwell.com.

Selected Publications

Rozeff, Michael S., 1998, "Stock Splits: Evidence from Mutual Funds," Journal of Finance 53, February, 335b_349.

Rozeff, Michael S., and Mir A. Zaman, 1998, "Overreaction and Insider Trading: Evidence from Growth and Value Portfolios," Journal of Finance, 53, April, 701b_716.

O'Connor, Philip, and Michael S. Rozeff, 2002, "Gain, Loss, and Twob_State Modeling," Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 18, January, 39b_58.

O'Connor, Philip, and Michael S. Rozeff, 2002, "Are Gain and Loss Respectable?" Journal of Portfolio Management, Summer, 61b_69.

Byun, Jinho, and Michael S. Rozeff, 2002, "Long-run Performance After Stock Splits: 1927-1996," Journal of Finance.

Michael S. Rozeff, 2005, How the Power to Tax Destroys

Michael S. Rozeff, 2005, The Economics of Self-Ownership

Michael S. Rozeff, 2005, Diversification and Freedom

Michael S. Rozeff, 2006, The State as an Organization, in three parts

Michael S. Rozeff, 2006, Who Captures Whom? The Case of Regulation

Michael S. Rozeff, 2006, Stiglitz is Wrong on Government

Michael S. Rozeff, 2005, An Economic Analysis of Power

Professional Associations

  • American Finance Association
  • Western Finance Association
  • Southern Finance Association
  • Southwestern Finance Association

Consulting Activities

  • State of Iowa Office of Consumer Advocate

International Activities

  • Pacific-Basin Finance Conference, Program Committee
  • Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Editorial Board Participation in international finance conferences in Taipei, Bangkok, Hong Kong
  • Extensive travel in Europe, Russia and the Ukraine

Awards and Recognition

  • Louis M. Jacobs Chair in Finance, University at Buffalo, 1989-2006
  • Chester A. Phillips Chair in Finance, University of Iowa, 1987-1989
  • American Association of Individual Investors Award, 1987
  • NDEA Fellow, University of Rochester, 1972-1974 Harvard Graduate School of Education Scholarship, 1963 National Merit Scholarship, 1958-1962


Rozeff has made more than 50 presentations at universities and conferences, most recently at the Universities of Vermont, Rochester, and Waterloo (Canada). He has published more than 200 articles on politics, economics and finance at LewRockwell.com.

Other Experience

Rozeff was a licensed stockbroker for the former New York Stock Exchange firm of Hayden-Stone Inc., and served a brief stint on the planning board of Wells, Maine.