Kenneth Kim

Associate Professor
Operations Management and Strategy


PhD, University of Rhode Island
MBA, University of Detroit
BA, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


  • International Strategic Management (MBA)
  • Business Economics (MBA)


  • International financial markets
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance
  • China

Selected Publications

“Product market competition and corporate investment: Evidence from China,” 2015, with F. Jiang, J.R. Nofsinger, and B. Zhu, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.

“Family-firms risk-taking: Does religion matter?” 2015, with F. Jiang, Z. Jiang, and M. Zhang, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.

“Corporate governance in China: A modern perspective,” 2015, with F. Jiang, Journal of Corporate Finance 32, 190-216.

“The effects of corporate bailout on firm performance: International evidence,” 2014, with Z. Jiang and H. Zhang, Journal of Banking and Finance 43, 78-96.

“Share repurchases, catering, and dividend substitution,” 2013, with Z. Jiang, E. Lie, and S. Yang, Journal of Corporate Finance 21, 36-50.

“The effects of bank relations on stock repurchase decisions: Evidence from Japan,” 2010, with J-K Kang, P. Kitsabunnarat, and T. Nishikawa, Journal of Financial Intermediation 20, 94-116.

“Large shareholders, board independence, and minority shareholder rights: Evidence from Europe,” 2007, with P. Kitsabunnarat and J.R. Nofsinger, Journal of Corporate Finance 13, 859-880.

“Trading performance, disposition effect, overconfidence, representativeness bias, and experience of emerging market investors,” 2007, with G-M Chen, J.R. Nofsinger, and O.M. Rui, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 20, 425-451.

“Institutional herding, business groups, and economic regimes: Evidence from Japan,” 2005, with J.R. Nofsinger, Journal of Business 78, 213-242.

“Price limit performance: Evidence from transactions data and the limit order book,” 2005, with S-H Chan and S.G. Rhee, Journal Empirical Finance 12, 269-290.

“Ownership and operating performance in an emerging market: Evidence from Thai IPO firms,” 2004, with P. Kitsabunnarat and J.R. Nofsinger, Journal of Corporate Finance 10, 355-381.

“The costs (and benefits?) of diversified business groups: The case of Korean chaebols,” 2003, with S.P. Ferris and P. Kitsabunnarat, Journal of Banking and Finance 27, 275-297.

“Characteristics of stocks that frequently hit price limits: Empirical evidence from Taiwan and Thailand,” 2000, with P. Limpaphayom, Journal of Financial Markets 3, 315-332.

“Price limit performance: Evidence from the Tokyo Stock Exchange,” 1997, with S.G. Rhee, Journal of Finance 52, 885-901.

Associate Editor

  • Journal of Corporate Finance
  • Journal of Financial Research
  • Finance Research Letters

Selected Industry/Consulting Activities

  • EQIS Capital Management (C-suite executive)
  • Securities Litigation and Consulting Group
  • Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Malaysia
  • CFA Institute
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington DC (Senior Economist)
  • Pacific Basin Capital Markets Research Center

Selected Professional Associations

  • American Finance Association
  • Financial Management Association
  • Academy of International Business

International Activities

  • Professor of Finance, School of Business, Renmin University of China (2011-15)
  • Visiting academic appointments at Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Tokyo, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Singapore Institute of Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University (Antai and SAIF), Nanjing University (China), University of Santa Maria (Ecuador), Asian University of Science and Technology (Thailand), Yonsei University (Korea) 

Awards and Recognition

  • China’s Top 15 Most Highly Cited Scholars in Economics and Finance, 2014, Elsevier Science
  • Top 1,000 Most Prolific Authors in Finance Academia during the past half-century
  • Numerous teaching awards from UB, Renmin University of China, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, including State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2008) and a teaching award from the governor of Wisconsin