Career Development Process

Take a systematic approach to your job search.

Your first step is to evaluate where you are in the cycle. Begin with self assessment and move through the various stages. The amount of time you spend at each stage will vary depending upon your needs.

Self Assessment

Figuring out what you want to do for your career is one of the most critical steps in your career development process.

  • Focus 2 is a self-paced career and major exploration tool that provides multiple self-assessments by asking simple questions about your hobbies, skills, values and work interests.

    How to get started: Get access once you create/register a new account using your UB email address and the access code: ubbulls. Choose from any of the self-assessments to get started. 
  • CareerLeader - This is an outstanding web-based self-assessment tool targeted specifically to those seeking careers in business.

Explore Careers

The best way to learn about the right job for you is to understand the current job market. 

Build Skills

Build the skills you need for the job you want. Complement your classroom studies.

Prepare to Search

Identify specific companies and opportunities that are aligned with your interests, qualifications, salary requirements and geographic preferences. 

Pursue your targeted companies and positions.

Evaluate Results

Career development is a lifelong process. Reflect on your career and make adjustments as your interests, values, environments, economy and industries change. Revisit this process when it's time for a change or if you are not happy with your results.

  • Having trouble finding opportunities that interest you? Spend more time assessing yourself, or go more in depth in exploring your career options.
  • Have you been applying, but are unable to get interviews? You may need to build some new skills.
  • Are you not getting past the first interview? Try taking advantage of our interview resources.
  • If you've gone through the process and still need some help, then make an appointment with your career advisor through BizLink.