Each year almost half of internships reported by School of Management students are found through networking.

  • Attendance at job fairs, campus workshops, membership in student clubs and professional organizations, and participation in volunteer work are just some of the great strategies to make connections.
  • Create a one-minute personal commercial, or elevator speech. Practice this brief, self-introduction to deliver in any setting.
  • Explore the CareerConnector Network, a database of established professionals who have expressed interest in networking with students. CareerConnector is found in the Shortcut Menu on your BizLink homepage. 


LinkedIn is a highly recommended professional social networking site boasting more than 85 million users, linking companies, executives, alumni and peers. The main purpose of your LinkedIn profile is to build a highly informative and professional online presence.

LinkedIn Advice

  • Think as a professional. Every word, image and message should be treated as a strategy that builds your professional brand.
  • LinkedIn can be used effectively to build a network of individuals who share information about their careers and professional insights. As well, you can share your own career development journey by keeping your profile updated to reflect new accomplishments. 
  • Follow companies and individuals that reflect your own goals and professional interests.
  • Customize your settings for career opportunities. LinkedIn will send internship and job alerts based on your selections.
  • Connect to our UB School of Management Career Resource Center and Alumni Association as a start.
  • Learn more about online networking and successful usage of Linkedin by visiting our Career Resource Center website


Facebook is used mainly for socializing and for joining groups that reflect your hobbies and interests. When you begin an internship search, your online presence is often reviewed by potential employers to draw conclusions about you. This means that you should strive to maintain a separation between your professional activities and purely social ones. Make sure your privacy settings are such that only those individuals to whom you have granted permission will see your details. Keep in mind, however, that no site is entirely foolproof. Eliminate any revealing photos and unprofessional commentary or posts that do not reflect well on your personal brand.