JobBound Videos

The CRC has partnered with JobBound America’s career experts to bring you a series of videos that will assist you with your career exploration process.

Each video is about three minutes long and filled with useful tips to help you plan and manage your career.

On this page:

Preparing for a Career Fair (3:45)

So many companies, so little time to make a lasting impression. In three minutes, students learn how to successfully navigate a career fair and make the most out of their company interactions.

Five Student Résumé No-Nos (4:10)

Do not make the same mistakes time and time again. This interactive video warns against the five resume red flags and guides you toward creating a resume that gets results.

Inside the Mind of the Interviewer (3:26)

Some consider an interview as a "battle of wits" with the recruiting director. Fortunately, this video debunks the myth of the evil recruiting director and shows how to enter an interview relaxed, prepared, and confident.

Networking Your Way to a Job (3:39)

Networking can be intimidating, especially if you are not entirely sure what to do. In this power-packed video, learn a step-by-step plan to network your way to success.

How Facebook Can Crash Your Career (3:31)

What you say and do online is searchable and it is available to anyone worldwide. Through real-life examples, learn how to avoid the potential pitfalls that are sinking careers across the country.

Making the Most Out of Your Internship (3:42)

Performance in an internship can greatly affect your chances of landing a full-time job. Through this video, get the scoop on internship success - everything from attitude and initiative to professional correspondence and appropriate attire.

Dress for Success (3:16)

Perception is reality. Although students may try to fight it, the truth is that dress and appearance can go a long way toward building workplace respect. Through this video, discover the essentials of proper interview attire to ensure a positive first impression.