Finance is the management, creation and study of money, banking, credit, investments, assets and liabilities. While three distinct categories exist, namely, corporate, personal and public finance, there are a variety of different roles, areas and industries in which finance professionals work.

Finance Jobs

It is helpful to think of your career path decision in two buckets: functional role and industry. As you assess these choices, think about what really interests you!

Finance roles occupy space along a spectrum, from more “people-focused” to “data-focused.” Do you like the idea of client interaction? Or, do you prefer analytics?

Keep in mind that the general titles below are illustrative and can certainly vary by industry and company.

Another framework for thinking about your functional path has been provided by Michael G. Katz, Director MBA Career Advising at University of California Haas School of Business. Are you interested in work that is transactional in nature or focused on managing a business?

Industries Where Finance Professionals Work

Lastly, finance professionals work in a myriad of industries and businesses. It’s important to think about what interests you in terms of products and services. Do you want to do finance at a bank? Or, are you interested in becoming a finance professional within a non-financial industry? Here are some areas where finance professionals work:

Financial Industries

  • Asset management and insurance
  • Brokering and research
  • Commercial banks
  • Hedge funds
  • Investment banks
  • Investment Institutions
  • Venture capital firms
  • Wealth management firms

Other Industries

  • Consumer products and retail
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Non profits
  • Real estate
  • Technology

Finance roles can be found in every industry.

Information on Finance Careers

Use these resources to research specific finance career paths and companies:

  • Mergers and Inquisitions: A popular blog dedicated to investment banking and finance careers.
  • Street of Walls: Learn about careers in investment banking, hedge funds and private equity. 
  • Corporate Finance Institute (CFI): Provides some free online training and education for finance and investment professionals in financial modeling, valuation and other corporate finance topics. (Additional courses available at a cost)
  • Wall Street Prep: Free online finance courses and finance career training in investment banking, private equity, financial modeling, Excel functions, accounting, valuation, corporate finance, venture capital and interview preparation.
  • Wall Street Oasis: An online finance community, which includes online forums, courses, talent search, résumé review and mentorship. (Some free content, some paid)
  • Investopedia: A financial media website that provides market news, advice, investment dictionaries, reviews, ratings, and comparisons of financial products.
  • Glassdoor: An online platform that provides information about companies, interviews and salary data.
  • Mergent Intellect: Company and industry research (through the UB Libraries)

Finance Job Search Resources

In addition to the two UB career management systems, BizLink and Bullseye powered by Handshake, use the following resources to search for additional finance opportunities:


  • eFinancialCareers: Create a profile to gain access to industry insights and newsletters as well as finance roles from leading brands and niche boutiques.
  • LinkedIn Jobs 
  • Indeed: Search for jobs in one place accessing thousands of websites.

Additional Job Search Resources

Industry Network

Industry News

Virtual Power Chat.

Learn about working in finance from our alumni and partners participating in Power Chats. In these brief videos executives speak candidly about their experiences and provide valuable advice to current finance students. Access Power Chat videos in BizLink – Document Library.