Case Interviewing

There are many resources available to assist students in preparing for case interviews.

Case Interviewing Video Workshop

Watch national speaker and author, Marc Cosentino present on his best-selling book, Case In Point.

Marc Cosentino has 25 years of experience with case questions. He has written more than 100 cases, while coaching, preparing and training more than 100,000 students and alumni. He has written three books involving cases and consulting. Cosentino has given workshops to students at a number of colleges and MBA programs and has held training sessions for career services professionals. He has consulted with and designed cases for private sector firms, government agencies and nonprofits.

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Case Interviewing Overview

  • Management Consulted: Join the largest management consulting community. Sign up for their free newsletter. Watch case interviewing walkthroughs. Hear from consulting experts on the hiring process.
  • McKinsey, BCG and Bain Free Case Interview Prep
  • Interviewing Overview from Accenture
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    • Videos in the Video Library | Advice Topics | Career | Case Interviewing 
      • Mastering the Case Interview
      • How to Ace the Case Interview
      • The #1 Case Interview Mistake
      • Consulting Case Frameworks: How, When, and Why We Use Them
      • Structuring Your Case Interview Notes
      • Revenue Frameworks for Case Interviews

Case Questions and Preparation

Case Interviewing Books

  • Case In Point by Marc Cosentino  Recommended
  • Case Interview Secrets by Victor Cheng
  • Crack the Case System by David Ohrvall