Virtual Interviewing

Many employers have increased their use of virtual interviews, whether it is by telephone, video conference or video recording in order to save costs. Review our recommended tips below to better prepare for this format.


  • Interactive (Two-way communication with visual): Similar to FaceTime or Google Hangout, interactive interviews feature two people communicating like a video telephone call. Common technology platforms include Google Hangout, Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom and WebEx.
  • Telephone (Two-way communication without visual): Strong interview answers are still effective whether delivered by telephone or in person, but by telephone, the interviewer(s) cannot see you, so it is important to be sure you are being heard and understood.
  • Prerecorded (One-way communication): A prerecorded interview uses recording platforms like HireVue or Bluejeans and is more like YouTube. It features you alone answering questions that pop up on computer screen, often with a countdown timer of about 2 minutes for you to record your answer. Sometimes you get another chance for a “do over” on your recorded answer.
  • Selfie (One-way communication): Yes, one firm actually did “selfie” interviews this semester. It is somewhat unusual, but you should be ready for anything. A selfie interview is just another form of prerecorded interview, as in HireVue, so the same advice applies, but be sure you speak loud enough into your cellphone.

Tips for Success

  • Prepare as you would for a normal interview. Effective interview answers are still effective when delivered by telephone, video or in person.
  • Speak clearly and articulate your words. If you normally speak quickly, you may need to slow down.
  • Do not shout or mumble.
  • Use a professional tone and language in all interview situations.
  • Be sure the interviewer is finished talking before you answer their question. You may want to pause before answering because there could be a slight time delay. It can be easy to talk over the interviewer when communicating virtually.
  • Be sure to get the employer’s contact information at the end of the interview if you do not have it already. Use that information to send a thank you email after the interview.
  • Practice virtual interviews 24 hours/365 days through Big Interview from UB Career Services. This online tool is free when you register with your UB email address.
  • Prepare for interviews or practice interviewing in person with your career advisor from the Career Resource Center. Schedule an appointment through BizLink.

Resources for Virtual Interviewing