Technology Equipped Classrooms

214 Jacobs Management Center classroom

The School of Management has nine educational technology equipped classrooms (ETEC). 

There are nine classrooms in Jacobs Management Center: B30, B32, B34, 106 , 110, 112, 122, 214, 320; and three classrooms in the Alfiero Center: 102, 103, 104

Usage Instructions

Contact the IT staff at 716-645-3210 or Email us.

Podium Combinations:
Faculty need to see an IT staff member.

Submit a key request online. If you have questions, see Dave Costello, 131 Jacobs Management Center, or Denise Adamski, 134 Jacobs Management Center, during normal business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday) for keys. Keys must be returned at the end of the semester. To make an appointment, email or call 716-645-3210.

Podium Alarms:
Each piece of equipment within the podium cabinet is alarmed. Do not move any device (except the mouse, projector remote control and microphone), since the alarm will sound and alert Public Safety. If the alarm is accidentally triggered, notify both Public Safety and the school's IT staff immediately. Consultants in the Jacobs Computer Lab (716-645-3332) can contact the IT staff.

Each podium is outfitted with a Creston touchscreen system that controls all equipment in the cabinet, as well as the projector. Press the "Push to Begin" button on the touchscreen to enable the system.


  • Turn on projector using the "Projector On" button in the lower right-hand side of the screen.
  • The projector takes 45 seconds to warm up.
  • Video mute is available on the touch panel.
  • The projector will automatically shut off when the cabinet door closes.  In B30, B32 and B34, select System Shutdown on the touch screen.

Steps to Follow for Each Class

  • Power on - When you open the podium, access is turned on to every device. Select "Projector On" at the lower right hand side of the touchscreen to turn on the projector.
  • If the logon box appears, the username and password are on the sheet of paper on the podium desk.  Do not use your UBIT account credentials.
  • To switch from one device to another, select the appropriate "Program" button along the left side of the touchscreen.
  • At end of session, remove your portable storage device, videos, CDs, etc.
  • Do not shut down or turn off the computer.
  • Close the podium door.
  • Check that all doors and drawers are securely fastened. In room 205, make sure the projector is turned off by pressing "Power" twice.
  • Lock room door when you leave.