2005-06 Workshops

Fall 2005

  • Daniel Bryan, University at Buffalo School of Management (Sept. 23)
    Does Auditor Switching and Long-Term Earnings Management Reduce the Effectiveness of Going Concern Opinions as Early Warnings of Financial Collapse?
  • Pradyot K. Sen, University of Cincinnati (Oct. 7)
    Ownership Incentives and Management Fraud
  • Parunchana Pacharn, University at Buffalo School of Management (Oct. 14)
    Severance Pay: Incentives for Performance or Risk-Taking?
  • Ole-Kristian Hope, University of Toronto (Oct. 21)
    The Relation Between Geographic Earnings Disclosure and Trading Volume
  • Feng Gu, University at Buffalo School of Management (Dec. 2)
    On The Usefulness of Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No.142
  • Sarah McVay, New York University (Dec. 9)
    Street Earnings and Board Independence
  • Hsihui Chang, University of California at Riverside (Dec. 19)
    Does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act have an Impact on CPA Firms’ Productivity?

Spring 2006

  • Darren Roulstone, University of Chicago (April 14)
    Insider Trading and the Information Content of Earnings Announcements
  • Jeffrey Callen, University of Toronto (May 3)
    The Pricing of Conservative Accounting and the Measurement of Conservatism at the Firm-Year Level
  • Yu Shen (Vincent) Chen, PhD student, University at Buffalo (May 12)
    Beyond Meeting Analyst Expectations: An Assessment of the Roles of Fundamentals and Information Uncertainty
  • Cheol Lee, PhD student, University at Buffalo (May 18)
    The Effects of the Adoption of SFAS No. 142 on the Informativeness of Earnings