2017-18 Workshops

Spring 2018

  • March 30 - Nemit Shroff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Disclosure Incentives When Competing Firms have Common Ownership
  • April 13  – Aida Sijamic Wahid, University of Toronto
    The Effectiveness of SEC Monitoring of Foreign Firm Disclosures
  • April 20 - Pingyang Gao, The University of Chicago
    The Economic Consequences of Discrete Recognition and Continuous Measurement

Fall 2017

  • September 15 – Joseph Weber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Ratings Shopping in the Municipal Bond Market:  Evidence from Ratings Recalibrations
  • September 29 – Joanna Shuang Wu, University of Rochester
    Is Silence Golden?  Real Effects of Mandatory Disclosure
  • October 6 – John Campbell, University of Georgia
    The Effect of Mandatory Disclosure on Market Inefficiencies: Evidence from Statement of Financial Accounting Standard Number 161